With every transaction, a 9% fee applies.

It is with the proceeds of this fee that VOYCEToken can help so many around the world.


Donated to Charity

A voice for the homeless


Liquidity Pool

Auto-Increase the liquidity pool


Marketing / Tech Dev

Development of tech roadmap

Countless tokens on the market burn tokens from each transaction. This is an attempt to increase wallet holders by telling them the price will drive up due to decreased supply. However, the team behind VOYCEToken disagree with this logic. Burning tokens from each transaction only serves one definitive purpose. That is to ensure the token has an expiration date. At some point in the future that token will become worthless.

VOYCEToken is taking a very different approach. We will NOT burn any tokens from the transactions. WHY? Because we want our token to have a long and healthy life. Our tech roadmap ensures we will have utility and longevity for VOYCEToken. We will however do a one time only burn of any unsold tokens in the pre-sale to ensure a fair playing field.

There will be a capped supply of 1 Trillion VOYCETokens.

Trust plays a vital role with every Crypto Token. This is why VOYCEToken is locking the Liquidity Pool initially for 1 month and then in increments of 6 months thereafter to prevent any 'rug pull'.